Smoke What You Sigh
Blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth.
Albert Einstein (via whats-out-there)



Bowie has more swag than all of us combined.

me when studying
me: okay lets study
me: i did not learn this shit
me: da fuq
me: okay, the value of x is...
me: it's fine i'll just fail
me: oh my god i need to study
me: this is quite easy
me: no it isn't
me: when will this ever benefit me in life
me: aw hey i got a message
me: the sky is so pretty
me: must. not. give. up
me: fuck it.

I wanna learn French. But I’m trying t learn German right now. I don’t know how dangerous it would be to learn two different language at the same time.

Though, of course, I am completely up for the challenge. 

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